6 LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Tips: How to Reach the Untouchable

6 LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Tips: How to Reach the Untouchable

When it comes to sales prospecting on LinkedIn, one of the biggest challenges is finding and contacting the Untouchables. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers several tools to help you communicate with prospects.

LinkedIn is a virtual trade show, but some people do not attend the exhibition floor or breakout sessions at industry events.

Even if your efforts to date have not allowed you to access those key decision makers behind locked doors who have not shown up but have a LinkedIn profile, there are many innovative ways to reach out beyond your first-degree connections on LinkedIn.

1. Introductions

When it comes to reaching out to someone you don’t know, a warm introduction is the most effective approach. LinkedIn allows you to request an introduction from someone either directly or indirectly related to them. Despite the buzz about online social media marketing,

It is still common for B2B business to take place over the phone or in person. If a third-degree connection is a key person you want to speak with, ask your first-degree connection to get in touch with your second-degree connection and possibly facilitate an introduction.

In order to introduce yourself successfully to someone else, you must ask for a warm introduction the old-fashioned way.

2. Join The Same Group

Many savvy sales and marketing professionals use a ninja tactic, joining the same LinkedIn Group specifically to contact a particular member. When you join a group, the default setting allows you to receive messages from other members regardless of whether you are connected or not.

However, some people may not be interested in being contacted to change this setting, so this strategy may not always be effective. The best thing with groups is you can send them a message without adding a connection.

3. Monitor Group Activity

It may be difficult to see all the information on a person’s profile if you are not directly connected with them. By joining the same group as these people, you can see more of their activity and also get a chance to contact them via group discussions.

Although it is commonly referred to as the “follow” feature, you are not required to follow the prospect. In any particular group, you will find a “see activity” link under any given member’s name on the member’s tab.

When that person posts a discussion or comment to any group you belong to, you can now engage with him or her in a virtual conversation and build rapport. The option is suitable for people who prefer natural conversations over sending open messages.

4. “Work” The Profile

Look very carefully at the profiles of the people with whom you want to connect. If they have LinkedIn applications installed, you may be able to get in touch through those platforms.

If they RSVP to a LinkedIn Event, attend the event. You can comment on their blog if they display it. If they ask a question on LinkedIn Answers, answer it.

Make sure you also check the profile for a phone number, email address, or a link to a website that may allow you to contact them off LinkedIn.

5. Twitter

Take advantage of Twitter’s hyper-social nature and send an @Reply message if you notice your target second – or third-degree contact is on Twitter, as shown on their LinkedIn profile page.

You could also retweet their content and/or add them to a Twitter list, both of which could spark natural engagement if you feel that is too direct.

6. The Mighty InMail

The “Hail Mary” $10 a pop InMail is really your final if-everything-else-fails option. LinkedIn guarantees that it will reach the individual to whom you send it, and if you don’t receive a response within seven days, you’ll receive a replacement InMail.

Considering the guaranteed delivery and the requirement to pay, it is possible that InMails are more effective than traditional email.

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Prospecting is a crucial part of sales if you have one keen on turning leads into clients. However, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new leads entering your database every day.

These are 6 LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Tips that can help you turn those leads into stellar relationships fast. Use them and watch your revenue growth sky rocket!

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