I'm Shiva Kumar

I am a Professional Web Developer, Digital Marketer & Freelancer with over 5 years of experience and Founder of SpinkMedia Infotech. I will provide a comprehensive and tailored digital marketing solution for small businesses. From developing website designs to creating social media networks.

About Me

I am Shiva Kumar

Founder of SpinkMedia Infotech

An experienced Web Developer & Digital Marketing Professional. My goal is to help small businesses save time, money, and stress by helping them use paid ads and organic social media more efficiently.

I have experience working with a wide range of clients, including small businesses, large organizations, and even some high-profile brands. I always try to provide the best possible service to my clients, and I’m passionate about helping them grow their businesses.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you grow your business online, then please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Shiva Kumar



+91 98886 55554



Services i Offer

Discover my offerings in web development and digital marketing

Web Design

I create visually stunning websites, from concept to completion, reflecting brand identity and resonating with target audiences.

Digital Marketing

I specialize in digital marketing, crafting strategies to boost online presence, engage audiences, and drive growth for businesses.

SEO Marketing

I optimize websites for search engines, enhancing visibility and driving organic traffic to maximize online presence and audience reach.

Social Media

I'm skilled at social media marketing. I use platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc, to boost brand visibility and help grow businesses.

Graphic Designing

I also provide graphic design services, crafting captivating visuals that effectively communicate messages and strengthen brand identity.

Content Writing

I offer content writing services, crafting engaging and informative material to attract audiences and enhance brand communication.

My Skills

Web Designing & Devloping
Digital Marketing
90 Completed Projects
98% Client Rating
85 Cups of coffee
6 Years Experiece
Core Values

Core values that drive my work

Infusing every project with genuine enthusiasm and dedication to deliver exceptional results.

Hard work

Crafting websites with dedication, expertise, and attention to detail for optimal results and client satisfaction.


Operating with openness, honesty, and clear communication to build trust and foster strong client relationships.


Employing cutting-edge technology to pioneer creative solutions and drive innovation forward effectively and efficiently.


Fostering continuous improvement and expansion, driving success and advancement for clients and projects alike.

Team work

Collaborating seamlessly with clients and colleagues, harnessing collective strengths to achieve shared goals and success.


Striving tirelessly to achieve unmatched quality, surpassing expectations through unwavering dedication to excellence in every aspect of work.

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A Lead Digital Marketer & Wed Designer based in Hyderabad


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    Phone: +91 98886 55554