5 Commandments of Restaurant Marketing

5 Commandments of Restaurant Marketing

Competition is getting stronger every day, especially when it comes to restaurant marketing. Day by day new places emerge to fall in love with gastronomy and indulge our appetite. However, there are few restaurants that become one hundred percent recognized by their diners.

Commandments of Restaurant Marketing

Given this, we propose 5 restaurant marketing commandments to support your management from within. We are not looking for you to be one more, we are looking for you to be different and that your strategies, more than selling a product, are aimed at selling unique moments that will make your diners prefer you and become loyal customers.

1. Turn the restaurant into something special for
our customers

If there is something that you should avoid, it is that your restaurant is perceived as one of the crowd. The basis for your marketing is what is special for your diners, you must identify and create it.

2. Be irresistible to the business people in your area

The people of the businesses in your area do have to have lunch every day, that implies that there is an interesting flow of money in the medium and long term.

It wouldn’t hurt to make some adjustments in your approach strategy to these people, it can still increase your daily income.

3. Using the power of strategic alliances

The client portfolio is possibly the most valuable asset for any company. Strategic alliances allow you to attract diners that you may never have had. The main question lies in: who should you ally with and how to convince them to want to recommend your restaurant to their customers?

4. Increase average ticket

You must train your staff in a systematic and orderly method that is based on how to say it and when to say it so that your customers do or do want to consume more.

Offering extras at the time of consumption can represent 30% or more of your annual billing.

5. Increase the frequency of visits to your customers

You should implement a database marketing program that includes coupons, email marketing, and some seasonal strategies. Tracking all of this puts you at the top of your customers’ minds when deciding where to eat.

In a nutshell, the first thing you need to do is create or identify your unique competitive advantages. In this way, you will make your restaurant special for your customers and this will be the basis of your marketing.

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